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Betting rules to play Texas Holdem online on pokervqq websites

Pokervqq websites and games make use of specific terms like big blind, all-in, pre-flop, dealer etc. These terms might seem confusing and misleading to the newbies and one may end up losing the game as well as interest in poker because of poor understanding of the terms and rules. Learning the basics of any game is essential prior to playing it. Poker, like any other game has some basics, let us look at those before you plunge to play the poker game of Texas Holdem on online pokervqq websites.

Big and small blinds —

Blind in the real world means someone who cannot see, but in the game of poker, it is not so. This is actually a forced bet that all the players must put a deal or round. This bet is put before you actually see your cards and therefore it is referred to as blind. There are 2 types of blind i.e. big and small blind. The blind is paid by the two players that are to the left position of the dealer. The person adjacent to the left of the dealer pays small blind, whereas big blind is put by the person sitting left to the person who put the small blind. The big blind amount determines the minimum raise in a betting round and it dictates the stakes of the Texas Holdem game.

There are limits of bets in the game of poker on most of the pokervqq websites. They are as follows –

  1. No limit – in this format of betting the minimum bet size is the big blind while the amount for the minimum raise is equivalent to the value of the previous raise or bet. The fortmat of betting is termed as no limit as there is no maximum limit set for raising the bet and a player can raise bet to any amount. A player may also choose to bet his entire stack at one time if he wants to.
  2. Pot limit – in this type of betting a player is not allowed to raise the bet more than the total pot size. When the player puts the bet till the total pot size then it is termed as raising the pot. Beyond that the bet cannot be raised now.
  3. Fixed limit – In this type of betting there are 2 bets, one is small and other is big. The small bet is the value of the big blind and the big bet has a value which is double than that of the small bet. There can be 4 raises in a hand which means that the maximum bet in a round can be maximum set to 4 times the bet amount. After 4 of the total players have raised then the next player can choose to either call or fold. According to the rules of qq websites, the raise amount for flop and preflop is equal to small bets whereas for turn and river it is equal to a big bet.